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What is Unlock Your Glutes Program? Is this ExercisedDVD video program really effective? Any customer reviews? Read this unbiased review before downloading.

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What is Unlock Your Glutes?

Unlock Your Glutes is a four-week digital program with two days of glute exercise per week to strengthen the glute muscles for better movement.

It contains three significant stretchings or activities that would hit all your three glute muscles in all planes of motion, forcing your glutes to grow stronger and healthier.

All the methods involved in the program are clinically tested to improve your health. Also, it is prepared based on real-life in-the-field experience and the latest science.

Unlock Your Glutes is a simple yet effective program that finds a way to deliver the desired result quickly in just 15-minutes per workout. 

It is a risk-free program that enhances each weak muscle with various training techniques. In other words, You need three separate exercise routines in all three planes of motion to ensure you hit every area of each muscle. Because of this, glute-specific exercise is essential to releasing their potential.

How does it Work?

Your glutes are the bootstrapper of your body. It determines how you walk, jog, climb, jump, step, sit, or even stand still. Every movement will be more effective only if you have stronger glutes.

Most problems, including poor posture, lower back discomfort, knee pain, hamstring strains, muscular imbalances, and lower body injuries, are due to weak glutes that play a hidden contributing component.

When you have weak glutes, your entire body becomes impacted, resulting in losen muscle that forces compensation, imbalances, and serious health effects.  

Unlock Your Glutes include three scientifically proven GM3 methods that may help you to wake up and prime your body’s greatest sleeping muscle, release the inhibiting muscle group, and include activities to increase strength and burn unsightly fat.

Your latent glutes are primed for hitting all three of your glute muscles with the three exercise types in all three planes of motion by the Wake-Up routine of stretching and activation. Additionally, this program includes lunges, squats, and deadlifts that exercises that ignite your rump muscles.

The three muscles that push up the glutes are the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. Each helps support, stabilize, and move the body’s legs, hips, and lower half for better movement.

There are three planes of motion that glute muscles must experience to grow without getting too technical. Practicing all the methods helps you get perfectly shaped glutes without needing equipment, surgeries, or medications. 

What is present inside?

Unlock Your Glutes Manual: In Unlock Your Glutes ebook, the creator has dispelled all the myths and misconceptions regarding developing massive glutes.

This manual will explain why your glutes are crucial to your health and how to acquire the best-looking and most effective rear end possible. It is based on the most recent scientific research and experience working with elite athletes.

In addition, it contains a complete analysis of every glute muscle and how it works to restore your health in an image format workout and other incredibly particular details. 

The Complete Coaching Videos: The program also comes in a video format with 36 workout that shows you the precise form and movement pattern to develop your glute muscles as quickly as possible. You will get both the Bodyweight Edition, which you can use at home, and the next one is gym edition which demonstrates how to use equipment in your home to increase resistance and hasten your progress.

Glute-specific training: The program includes three specific exercise strategies that work more effectively in all three planes of motion. You need to get proper training if your wish to develop your glutes. This exercise will mainly focus on the two elements, like glute-specific movements and targeting all three muscles. With this movement, you can get the firm and round-shaped butt you desire. 

Include bodyweight exercises: The effective exercise incorporated in the program helps you fix the damaged glute muscle and even targets the inflammation in lower limb muscles. By providing you with a solid butt, this particular workout targets the hip and lower limbs to increase your muscle strength and promote better blood flow. 

Wake up your glutes: Your hip flexor, the opposing muscle to your glutes, is the key to unlocking your glutes. Your hip flexors tense up when you sit and stop your glutes from functioning for a long time. As a result, it may weaken the muscle around the butt and suppress the blood flow in the leg, causing paralysis. 

You can easily activate your glutes muscle and improve movement using a two-step approach. It restores the hip flexors and helps you to return them to their original state.

Additionally, the program includes neuromuscular activation. It is physical technique therapists employ to treat injured athletes to reactivate the glutes. Using this approach, you can rebuild the mind-muscle connection more easily. 


  • Unlock Your Glutes is four weeks online exercise program that improves your mind-muscle connection while enhancing your glutes. 
  • Develops the mind-muscle link and prepares your butt for the best possible recruitment of muscle fibers through neuro-muscular activation.
  • It has included two significant bonuses that help to fasten the process and prevent the risk of overtraining. 
  • The program also holds bodyweight exercises and gym exercises to encourage glute function.
  • Designed to encourage rapid fat reduction utilizing simple techniques
  • Straightforward, sensible counsel doesn’t involve depriving yourself or putting your resolve to the test.
  • It dramatically improves your core power and enhances your athletic performance. 
  • Enables your glutes to move freely by releasing obstructing muscles.
  • Every exercise is safe and puts no unnecessary strain on the knees or lumbar spine.
  • It is supported by science and proven to promote the highest muscle contraction.
  •  Increasing strength and power without using any weights.

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  • 60 days cash back guarantee
  • No hassle or question refund
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Instant Access
  • secured payment page


  • You can access the Unlock Your Glutes program online only through the official webpage. 
  • The outcome can occasionally vary depending on how you perform the workout.
  • Follow the instructions correctly, and don’t overdo the exercises.


If you’ve ever wished for a stronger, rounder butt, more power, more strength, and peace of mind, this program is for you. Unlock Your Glutes is available only on its official site, and you can’t purchase on an offline page. If so, you will fail to receive every offer and gift the creator provides. 

The Unlock Your Glutes is available for $17 on its official site with two free bonuses that might boost the working progress of the glutes more effectively.

The program cost around $50, but it has been reduced to $17 with a 33% off. This protocol offers accountability only for a limited time, so visit the site quickly and enter the valid data for placing the selected order. 

Once your order has been processed, check your inbox for the welcome email. Use these to access the program and get started right away. Now is the time to begin performing toward a bigger, stronger butt. You have only a few minutes left to improve your health, strength, and vitality.

Bonus for Unlock Your Glutes:

Stronger leg workout: The Stronger Leg Workout replaces squats and lunges with better glute exercises. It completely unlocks your glute muscle and lets you experience a better butt with the help of two power-boosting activities. So you may complement your newly shaped backside with a powerful pair of legs.

14 days rapid fat loss diet: Eating the right foods is crucial to attaining the butt you want, along with a session of powerful exercises. This tried-and-true program is made to jump-start fat loss quickly so you may achieve a better definition while promoting glute growth.

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Final Conclusion – Unlock Your Glutes:

Unlock Your Glutes is a remarkable program specially designed to restore your glutes with the help of three magnificent exercises that have proven to improve your health.

All the movement included in the program are easy to follow and doesn’t negatively impact your health. It also aids in healthy weight loss and will burn the excess fat from your body. 

Unlock Your Glutes comes in PDF and video format, containing all essential stretches to develop your firmer glutes.

It is far different from other programs and has shown better results while hitting all three glute muscles in all three planes of motion to force your glute growth. It is developed based on the life experienced and with the help of real science. 

Furthermore, the program is suitable for folks who wish to build a stronger and more rounded butt regardless of age and gender. With this program, everyone’s glute stability and strength will increase. Additionally, The author offers you a customer satisfaction promise you can’t refuse. 

Unlock Your Glutes gives a full 60 days money-back assurance to test out the effectiveness of the program. That is sufficient time to complete the training more than once.

Put your regimen through the wringer by incorporating all the workouts and activities. If you are disappointed with the program for any reason, shoot a mail to the team and get a full, hassle-free refund. 

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