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Neuro Balance Therapy contains only a 10- to 15-minute routine each morning to activate the deep peroneal nerve in the foot to bring balance & strength to your body. 

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The Neuro Balance Therapy with dvd

What is The Neuro Balance Therapy?

The Neuro Balance Therapy is a complete balance-strengthening protocol DVD Series that helps you to protect and prevent your body from out-of-the-blue trips and falls. 

With the help of Neuro Balance Therapy, it is possible to restore your body’s natural ability to move while feeling strong, stable, and balanced with Neuro-Balance Therapy.

It mainly consists of a nearly 10 to 15-minute routine each morning to trigger the deep peroneal nerve in the foot.

A balance-strengthening program, Neuro-Balance Therapy, is designed to boost your body’s strength, flexibility, and balance to avert trips and falls.

Each step mentioned in this program can strengthen, stabilize, and balance the body, restoring its innate capacity for movement.

You can start this Neuro Balance Therapy whether you are a  Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced sequence. 

You can utilize the techniques, strategies, and advice provided by Chris Wilson, a certified balancing expert, to prevent falls and injuries in yourself or your elderly family.

How does it work?

This life-saving protocol is developed based on ground-breaking research and real-world results that have been merged into one to help you stand up and move around like you are just years younger without the worry of falling following you around at all times.

Regardless of whether you’re at home or somewhere. And it all begins with the absurdly easy 10-second morning ritual of using this odd-looking rubber ball before starting your day.

The lower legs, toes, and feet receive sensations and movements via this peroneal nerve, a collection of sciatic nerves. The loss of balance and mobility in the foot and legs might result from damage to this nerve, which is essential for stimulating lower body functions.

This may seem final to result in the loss of stability and balance. Although it can affect persons of any age, peroneal nerve dysfunction is a frequent disorder affecting mobility. This problem can be tackled easily with the help of a Neuro Balance Therapy exercise and program. 

The Neuro Balance Therapy explanation with chris wilson


What Is Present Inside?

Many exercises and workouts are included in Neuro Balance Therapy, which is specially made to provide balance and improve your stability and flexibility. 

  • Each video of The Neuro Balance Therapy will walk you through motions that will engage the deep peroneal nerves in your foot. At the same time, you develop lower-body stability, suppleness, and quickness to avoid trips and falls.
  • Chris Wilson created this level for beginners or anyone beginning this program for the first time. Ten motions are included in this segment/level to activate the foot’s nerves. That is included with the fundamental exercises and additional guidance, such as the benefits of performing these exercises barefoot.
  • In addition, a 10-minute routine that includes a one-minute spike ball routine is introduced at this intermediate level. Furthermore, this level contains challenging workouts to build muscle, improve stability, and maintain flexibility.
  • If users are at ease with level 2 exercises, you can begin this ultimate and advanced level. The activities in this level are more challenging than those in the previous groups since they are intended to strengthen your balance, stability, and strength while lowering your risk of falling.

What Will You Get?

With the help of Neuro Balance Therapy, there is a lot to get because you can have the chance to get more stability and balance in your body and also prevent falling.

Below are some of the mentioned points that are present here about Neuro Balance Therapy. 

  • Regardless of your age or circumstances, this protocol gently guides you through the same program to revive the deep peroneal nerve in your foot that supports steady, long-lasting balance.
  • Once functioning once more and regular exercise practice may also prevent a fall as it gradually gets stronger and more stable with each stride you take.
  • You’ll feel stable enough to become more active after receiving Neuro-Balance Therapy. To walk independently and with a ton of extra youthful energy and endurance.
  • You won’t require to get out of bed and take every subsequent step while being stiff and alert when you initially get out of bed. This procedure will give you the proper exercise and workout to move to the perpetual state of stress that causes your blood pressure to soar.
  • You can start using Neuro-Balance Therapy immediately, and you’ll feel increasingly attentive and balanced with each move you make. You may recover the authority of your life with Neuro-Balance Therapy inside the comfort of your home in just a few minutes every day.


The Neuro Balance Therapy – Spike Ball

You will also get a spike ball of your own and be included with your DVD. Each ball is equipped with a precise number of spikes that gradually alleviate tension while activating this one key nerve, thanks to nerve-wakeup technology.

The crystallized particles used in constructing these nerve wake-up balls give them strength and a soft, firm feel intended to reanimate the dead nerve in your foot.

spike ball


  • Neuro Balance Therapy can enhance proper mind-body coordination.
  • A 60-day of cash-back warranty is applicable for each purchase. 
  • It also to be effective in strengthening posture and also to prevent from falling.
  • Two different bonus guides are available for purchase, free when you get the Neuro Balance Therapy.
  • All the procedures included in Neuro Balance Therapy are easy to follow. 
  • Both instant downloads and Physical DVD Copies are available. 
  • It is a one-time payment, and no extra charges are applicable for this Neuro Balance Therapy.


  • Download Neuro Balance Therapy only from the official website and not anywhere else. 
  • Limited Copies of the DVD are available, so get them soon. 

Customer Reviews:

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What About The Cost?

Neuro Balance Therapy is available in both digital and DVD form and based on your wish, you can choose the right one for you.

This copy of The Neuro Balance is available to download anywhere in the world, where you can easily access it from your computer, laptop, or PC immediately.

If you would like to get the instant DVD, then you will easily get access which will be delivered to your home. After placing your order, you’ll have all you need to start immediately, whether you prefer watching video demonstrations or reading the manual that can be downloaded.

  • Get instant access to the digital version of  Neuro-Balance Therapy only +Free Bonuses are just $37.
  • Get your physical copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy with a spike ball along with digital access + Free Bonuses are just $47 and small Shipping & Handling.

Free Bonus For The Neuro Balance Therapy:

Here each purchase of Neuro Balance Therapy is backed with the special two special bonus guides, which include the amazing information essential to improving your balance and stability. Here get a look at the bonus for the Neuro Balance Therapy.

FREE BONUS #1: The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home

This guide is free! You can have it free if you buy the Neuro-Balance Therapy program today. That’s Rights! 

The majority of fatal trips and falls take place at home. 

To ensure the property is safe and protected. Whether you live independently or with a partner, you’ll learn strange yet effective strategies to increase safety and security.

Many customers adore this checklist because it has given them a handle on what they can do to stop living in fear with each step they take.  

FREE BONUS #2: The Downloadable Version Of the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program

The second bonus is that you’ll receive a series of follow-along coaching videos covering every step of achieving rock-solid balance daily.

Additionally, you will receive a digital copy of the Neuro-Balance Therapy guidebook with extra details about the peroneal nerve, the mind-body link, and pictures and descriptions of the exercises.

The Neuro Balance Therapy exercise guide and hanbook


Final Verdict:

Neuro Balance Therapy is an amazing technique and method for workable exercise and workouts. Typically, those who acquire Neuro-Balance Therapy immediately get started and get improvements.

In addition, they look forward to having confidence returning as soon as their crippling fear of failure fades away. The excellent Neuro Balance Therapy program includes two special bonuses and a risk-free money-back guarantee 60 days after purchase

Numerous men and women have profited from this program, and it also can easily strengthen the joints and backs while reducing their nerve discomfort.

Give the complete trial program and routine a thorough 60-day test run, and you’ll be amazed at how much stronger your gait grows, how steady you’ll feel when standing, and how much more youthfully confident you become to get on with your day without worry or concern. 

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