Food Freedom Reviews

Food Freedom Reviews: The food Freedom System is a collection of guides that educates people on the techniques to survive a crisis caused by the effect of a disaster on the food supply chain.

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Food Freedom

What is Food Freedom?

Food Freedom is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that allows individuals to develop their aquaponic gardens within the comfort of their own homes.

These aquaponic gardens will ensure a constant self-sufficient supply of food that will last the families throughout the year. 

This program allows your family to become self-sufficient to thrive through 3 collapse triggers, as noted on their official website:

  • Catastrophic Natural Disaster 
  • Skyrocketing Food Prices
  • Supply Chain Meltdown 

Because it is intended to be detailed and comprehensive, all the information you will need to construct is provided step-by-step in the simplest way possible.

Prior technical knowledge and experience are not necessary. Beginners can easily follow the Food Freedom guide and get ease and satisfaction.

How does it work?

Food Freedom is accessible online in PDF format. The program includes basic easy steps explained in a detailed, comprehensive manner which makes it even easier to construct aquaponic gardens.

This also includes the easy-to-find materials used to build these aquaponic gardens in your home. The Food Freedom program teaches how these aquaponic gardens can be maintained throughout the year and years to come. 

Food Freedom works by a detailed guide to constructing aquaponic gardens to supply the family and more with a constant supply of food.

Aquaponics is blended aquaculture of fish farming and hydroponics to grow plants through a water medium. It is a bio-integrated system that includes Aquaculture consisting of fish and/or other aquatic cultures and Hydroponics consisting of water-grown plants.

By following the step-by-step guide of the Food Freedom program, you can learn how these aquaponic gardens are self-sustaining systems. 

The cycle of the aquaponic gardens constructed from the Food Freedom program is comprised of the following:

  •  Because fishes and other animals in the aquatic culture are living animals, they provide waste that they excrete through the water. This enriches the water with various mineral compounds. 
  • This fish waste provides the plants grown through the water, via Hydroponics, the nutrients essential to their vigorous growth. 
  •  Water is circulated through a bio-filter, eliminating unnecessary artificial fertilizers. This bio-filter of nitrifying bacteria turns ammonia and nitrites into plant-nurturing nitrates.
  • The hydroponic plants consume these excess nitrates and other nutrients the filtration brings. 
  •  While the plants take up these nutrients for their development, they take up excess nitrogen.
  •  This, in turn, purifies the water and often oxygenates it, which is then led back to the water tank for the fishes providing them with a healthy medium of living and thriving.

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Food Freedom guides you in the step-by-step program on how to create your aquaponic gardens supplying your home with high yields of both fish and vegetables.

Food Freedom teaches aquaponic gardens to provide the following essential benefits to survive over years and years of living:

  • Food Freedom provides an easy-to-construct self-sufficient medium with easy-to-find materials. 
  •  Food Freedom can be accessed through a PDF online program
  • Food Freedom provides long-term savings of up to 75% from food expenses.
  •  Food Freedom provides a constant supply of food with fish and vegetables fresh from your garden to your tables.
  • Food Freedom can be purchased at a very affordable price with 4 bonus programs sharing the main goal of sustainability. 
  • The food Freedom guide and output will last you over years and years when maintained properly, which leads to another benefit, it provides easy maintenance to the aquaponic gardens. 
  • Food Freedom provides the 3 food collapse triggers and how to prepare for the coming supply chain shortages.
  • Food Freedom teaches how to deal with the “inflation tsunami” that will skyrocket food prices in the next few months.
  •  Food Freedom teaches what to do when the food supply runs out and how to get an endless supply of food for the next years.
  • Food Freedom’s program will provide a system that does not require additional water systems for its operation.

Through the efficiency of the above-mentioned cycle, the aquaponic garden will replenish on its own, which means the garden will never run out of water and will continue to provide the nutrients for both the fish and plants it houses. 

Food Freedom Benefits

Who is the Food Freedom for?

The Food Freedom program is intended for Americans, especially those living in California who wish to provide a constant supply of food in the predicted drought period.

However, the program is not limited to benefiting this state alone.

Anyone of any age and anywhere from where they live can experience the main objective of a constant food supply at home with minimal work and saving you more money in the long term. 

Customer Reviews:

Paul Clark

Houston, TX

“I put this system together in 2 hours. For each step, it was like you were right there with me, helping me. I didn’t think I’d be able to do this, but it was surprisingly easy.”



Claudia Price

Denver, Co

“Hands-down the easiest to understand and follow Aquaponics guide I’ve ever seen”



Tom Anderson

Southfield, MI

“I cannot overstate how good it feels to know that my family’s food security is taken care of. The Food Freedom System gives me that security, and I’m so happy.”


By purchasing the Food Freedom program, you do not only get the program itself; the purchase will include the following bonuses making this purchase a value for the money as stated by the Ecology Center US:

  • DIY Greenhouse Blueprint:

This DIY blueprint includes a detailed guide on designing a greenhouse for your aquaponic garden.

A greenhouse structure helps to keep all the planted foods sheltered during the cold seasons. Also, the DIY greenhouse blueprint explains how you can construct this structure using cheap, affordable products.

  • Setting up the Survival Seed Bank:

An aquaponic garden is not just about harvesting. You are also required to set aside some crop seeds, which will be grown to produce fresh crops in the garden.

The ‘setting up the survival seed bank’ guides choosing the healthiest and most resilient seeds for the aquaponic garden.

The guide explains how to use the survival seed back and the most appropriate time. It also unleashes essential secrets on how and when to harvest your crops.

  • Simple Survival Canning:

The Food Freedom program guarantees huge harvests, even in smaller aquaponic spaces.

However, when the harvested food becomes a surplus, it may go to waste, especially if you lack proper storage facilities.

The simple survival canning bonus provides a clear guide on how you can store any excess harvests.

It explains simple ways of canning food and how you can use present food supplies to prevent food waste.

By preventing any food wastage, you will always have enough food for your household throughout the year.

  • The Container Garden Secrets:

This bonus guide provides all the remaining information to complete the self-sustaining stockpile.

For instance, it explains the best type of soil for the aquaponic garden. It also discusses different plants you can grow and their respective sunlight requirements.

The ‘container garden secrets’ guide further addresses how users can select the best garden materials that do not negatively affect crops.

This guide provides all the essential information to ensure that you always have varied, nutritious harvests every season.

Price Details:

From the normal price of $894, through their official website only, you get the Food Freedom program at only $37

When you order now, you get the confidence of a 100% money-back guarantee from the company.

They let you try out the program for 180 days or 6 months. If you are not satisfied with the program or if it has not worked for you, the company will refund all your money with no questions asked. (Click to order)

Food Freedom reviews

Conclusion: The Food Freedom Reviews

The Food Freedom program will guide you step-by-step on constructing your home’s aquaponic garden.

The program claims to ensure that you and your family will survive through years and years of the possibility of 3 food collapse triggers such as catastrophic natural disasters like hurricanes, severe drought, storms, floods, wildfires, and earthquakes; skyrocketing food prices due to the visible shortage of food supply; and the supply chain meltdown. 

In the Food Freedom program, your aquaponic garden in your home will be your source of food and rear fish.

It provides detailed knowledge on how to prepare natural foods while avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and the maintenance of this product for it last over years and years of use

Following the Food Freedom program, you never have to worry about providing a constant supply of food in your house.

Hunger is not on the table; food is, with abundance and constancy. The satisfaction and free-of-worry perspective will be provided to you by the Food Freedom program at only a minimum cost with maximum benefits.

Food Freedom Program

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