Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering if rehabilitation is right for you or your loved one? Do you have questions about your upcoming or recent stay at our hospital? Review our frequently asked questions to see if your questions have already been answered. If you have additional questions, please get in touch with us.

What are the hours of your hospital?
Is smoking permitted on your hospital’s campus?
Are pets allowed?
Does your hospital offer wireless internet?
What types of insurance do you accept?
What should I do if I have questions about my bill?
How can I contact a patient at your hospital?
Can family members stay overnight with a patient?
How do I apply for an open position at your hospital?
Do you offer volunteer opportunities?
Our volunteers serve as escorts, assist our patients in the dining room and help in many other areas throughout the hospital.

In addition to volunteering within the hospital, HealthSouth Sewickley is always looking for volunteers with skills in sewing to help us provide our incoming patients with a crocheted or patchwork lap robe upon arrival.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer at HealthSouth Sewickley, call our volunteer services department at 412 749-2377.

Can I complete observation hours at your hospital?
Does your hospital have CRRN®s?
How do I choose a rehabilitation facility?
How is inpatient rehabilitation different from other kinds of rehabilitation?
How can rehabilitation help me or my loved one?
What types of therapy programs does your hospital offer?
Can rehabilitation help someone who’s had a stroke?
How long does stroke rehab take?
I’ve been told I need to have an amputation. How can your hospital help?
Can rehabilitation help someone recover from a broken hip?
How can rehabilitation help spinal cord injury patients?
How can rehabilitation help brain injury patients?
Can rehabilitation help control pain?
Can rehabilitation help with Parkinson’s symptoms?
I finished rehabilitation and was sent home, but I’m starting to have problems again. Can I go back?
Does a physician have to refer me to your hospital?
Can I be admitted to your hospital from home?
Can your hospital determine whether I need rehabilitation or not?
How do you arrange a transfer from another facility?
What can I expect when I am admitted to your hospital?
How is my treatment plan decided?
What role will my family play in my rehabilitation?
What personal supplies should a patient bring when starting rehabilitation at to your hospital?
What happens when I go home after rehabilitation at your hospital?