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Patient Testimonial

Larry Green

Larry Green is sitting up in his bed at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sewickley. Today is his discharge day and he is excited to return home with his wife, Victoria, to their new house in Monaca, PA. This day is a celebratory day for Larry and his entire family, but getting to this point was not easy.
“The doctors call him a miracle,” Victoria said. “No one thought he was going to make it. They actually spoke to me about comfort care.”
If you ask Victoria what happened to Larry, she’ll rattle off a laundry list of medical issues and complications that have plagued her husband since earlier this year. She keeps journals and has been filling them with notes every time a nurse or doctor gives an update on his condition and treatment.
“It’s the only way I can remember everything,” she says.
Victoria says it all started when Larry had a heart attack while shoveling snow, which led to a triple bypass surgery. Then, he had a stroke that resulted in cardiac arrest.
“They did compressions for 25 minutes and gave Larry 15 shocks,” Victoria recalled. “He got a hole in his lung from all of the compressions and it became infected.”
Larry’s infection was serious and was treated with a drug newly approved by the FDA. No one was sure if it was going to work and Victoria and her family was prepared for the worst, but Larry got better.
“He made a turn around and it was so amazing,” Victoria said with tears in her eyes. “His numbers were all improving. It was a miracle.”
Once Larry recovered, he went into surgery to repair the hole in his lung. But, he experienced more complications when he developed a bowel obstruction post-surgery that also needed to be repaired.
After Larry was stable and strong enough, Victoria had no question about where he would go for his rehabilitation.
“We had heard nothing but wonderful things about HealthSouth Sewickley,” she said. “It is where he needed to be.”
Once admitted to HealthSouth Sewickley, Victoria said the whole family was “blown away” by the higher level of care Larry received.
“He could have gone some place closer to home, but this was the best place,” Victoria said while looking at Larry admiringly. “They have the best therapists to get him where he needs to be. To see him use his arms and legs and even his speech, it’s amazing. Therapy was a big help.”
Prior to coming to HealthSouth Sewickley, Larry was barely walking ten feet and only with assistance. On the day of his discharge, he was walking more than 100 feet with his walker.
“Seeing him walk after five months of doing nothing but lying in a bed was just amazing,” Victoria said. This level of recovery was just what Victoria needed to bring her husband home with her so they can continue their lives surrounded by friends, family and doing activities they love.